Friday, April 30, 2010

month off from posting I guess.... well let's see what's happened in the last month-- I went to the Putnam city job fair and spoke to a middle school principal. also the ESL person for the district, but they don't have any ESL openings right now. I've been teaching at OCCC and subbing a lot at Mustang North Middle school on Tuesday's and THursdays. I volunteered at a booth for the Memorial Marathon at the runner's convention, and then last Saturday at the Museum and then last SUnday morning I was at the finish line handing out medals from 10am to 1pm. I wasn't there early enough to see my sister run by from running the half marathon though... last week I had a pretty good interview at NW Classen High School for an ESL position. theysaid I may hear from them in a couple of weeks. I'll be busy finishing up with my last two weeks at OCCC these next 2 weeks anyway. they all have their last essay to turn in due Monday, a Persusive essay. so I'll be grading papers all next week. ha TOday I'm going to the Whitewater Bay orientation for the employees working up there this summer. then back home for some yard work and picking up the house and relaxing time. :)

Thursday, April 01, 2010

april fools

not much to write about going on lately. I;m just waiting for the putnam city schools job fair in April and then from what I've been told, in April is when the Oklahoma City public schools might start to call... we shall see... I'm hoping for an ESL teaching job at some school, get my life back on salary and benefits.. ah yeah.
I have been subbing every Tuesday and Thursday off from teaching at OCCC so that helps out tons with bills and costs for now which is excellent,, I'm saving most of it 'cause I'm not sure if I'll be teaching a class this summer at OCCC or not, of maybe jsut do the Whitewater job only.
Easter Sunday is coming so I plan to be singing in the choir for tomorrow night's Good Friday service and then also Sunday. watching a lot of American Idol this season which is fun during the week. Lot of red tulips blooming in my front yard that I put in the ground last November. and something is in the mulch when I weed that makes me itch not sure what it is yet, but something, even like my knees if I get my knees to the ground will itch. I think that the ground up leaves I got from a neighbors curb side might have ground up poison something no telling...