Tuesday, May 18, 2010

get this summer started right...

well I'm off work until summer classes start June 7th at OCCC, not counting whitewater shifts of course which I'll be working starting up memorial weekend. So I decdied to start morning swims this week. I was on campus yesterday turning in final grades, and then today my first day off watching some morning television and walking around the yard and picking up the house a bit... but I felt like I should be doing something a little MORE.. as in my future... I have been to two teaching job fairs, and have had one interview at a high school for an ESL job, but that's all I can do other than keep checking school websites for openings... there was one at Hefner middle school for a math teacher so I went ahead and applied for that one today online. I've decided that fulltime is fulltime regardless what I'm teaching. the cool thing is I can always teach a night class at OCCC whatever job I find this next year... Mr Reusser just MAYBE might be able to travel again SOMEDAY.....
busy weekend coming up, I have a meeting with the local Hemerocallis Society on Friday night and then up to Siloam Springs Saturday morning.. should be a fun getaway..

Saturday, May 08, 2010

spring weekend

wow only week left of community college classes where I"m teaching ENglish Composition I classes. 4 each day, 3 days a week... and next summer at Whitewater Bay, water fun park here in OKC. I'll be working cash control counting money all day and accounting for each dollar and cent!
things are moving slow for me these days. not really sure where God wants me to end up working at this point in life, but I just have to keep depending on Him to put me where I can best be used, whether that means making more $$$ or not. ALthough I have to make myself stop thinking about how much I'd love to teach fulltime at my current community college since an English faculty member jsut retired... and how less excited I am about going back to public school. I have to remind myself there may not even be an opening at OCCC, and there may be 50 people ahead of me anyway that could be hired. so I have to take WHATEVER I can find at any public school for the benfits! ha ... I'm even considering looking for middle school math openings here in the city.
of course being more practical and spend thrifty means making do with what I can find to entertain myself without travelling or shopping or updating or decorating etc etc anything. I suppose that's why I find myself quite content to preen the yard of weeds and walk aroudn to see how things are growing and water and care for them. that comes cheap. of course I am constangly aiming to clean and condense inside my house as well. I decided I should try to condense so that if that perfect job came up overseas, it would be a simple task to put things in boxes and move right away.. ha that's my goal in thinking when cleaning and organizing the house.
I did have some fun while getting some plants at Home Depot last week, by checking out paint chips and colors. One of the things about getting hired fulltime again in OKC means I'm signing on to live here a few many more years in OKC, and that would mean in this same house, so the prospect of a new job means I can start brainstorming what new floors and walls and colors etc... actually I have this project I'm thinking of to ornament the house a bit outside this summer. more on that later.
It's been a very nice weekend. mainly jsut grading lots of "writing to convince" papers. and they are not really all that convincing but the students are learning how to cite sources using MLA style. finally! the worst one to grade are students who never come to class and then turn in a paper, and I"m slashing right through it correcting all the things we've talked about many times in class, and if they'd been in class for the TWO peer review sessions, even their classmates would have marked some errors made. ahh well. one more week and I'm FREE until June 7th! :P


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

no traveling...

no john I have no travel plans this summer....I should be coming through Siloam in May at some point to visit while Kara Edge is also in town. Otherwise it's a Whitewater summer. I am also teaching a class on Tuesdays and Thursday from 1030 to 1pm. so between that and the water park I'll keep pretty busy. Although I am going to consider the American Hemerocallis Soceity Regional meeting in St. Loius in June, and then I'd also like to visit some friends up in Michigan if possilbe this summer. Depending on what sort of full time job God provides will determine my calendar and funding of any trips. For now any fun money is going to landscaping the yard and improving the house. by improving the house I mean cleaning and finding storage for things and getting rid of others. I working outdoors as much as possilbe right now while the weather is nice and before the mosquitoes make their way back north.
I've had word this week that a OCCC professor has retired and I'm hoping perhaps another fulltime position will be posted which I could throw myself into trying to get. otherwise I had the interview at the high school which went well. and I'm still checking on other city schools for ESL openings. I applied at a local Bethany school today but I don't think they even have a need for an ESL teacher there. alas.
today I did not sub and took the whole day off. got up early for swimming laps at 7am.(this was more about getting rid of the itch on my ankles and legs from something in the garden than it was about exercise, I thought the chlorine water might help). then ran some errans this morning, including shopping at a local nursery, Home Depot, and lots of container planting and mixing of soil and setting in of annuals here at home. now I'm on the porch swing with the wind blowing and about to change up for the gym. I'll come back and water the flowerbeds before settling down to grade papers while watching tv tonight. so far, a very nice spring beginning...