Sunday, June 27, 2010

almost done with June 2010

summer is moving forward. worked 5 days in a row lots of hours at the water park last week.....I had this Sunday off and was able to go to church where Pastor Carlon is preaching on Jeremiah. Was pretty uplifting about focusing on being a blessing to others overall, not focused on us us us all the time. anyway, that sort of stuff really helps keep me motivated in living day to day trying to serve God each day, especially when it is sometimes difficult to know what His purpose or plan might be for me in the future etc...
good things are happening outdoors in the yard where everything is growing and blooming nice enough. I'm also planning to put another bed in out front this summer. 
At Whitewater they have a new item on their menu chicken soft tacos. so finally a sort of healthy choice besides pizza, fries, burger, fried chicken fingers etc....  although I've been bringing my own sack lunches which has really helped the budget overall.

Monday, June 21, 2010

class and waterpark...

summer going well. I have begun teaching the summer class of Comp 1 at OCCC and just finished grading my first round of assigned essays. The first assignment is Shared Experience essay. This way they begin writing about something they choose and want to share and know about etc... and then I can grade and see how they write, amount of effort, and if they can follow most basic of instructions by using MLA style. You'd be surprised how many refuse to bother using 12 pt Times New Roman font and double space the page right.
After grading the essays, I've found I have a really diverse group, but a very manageable likeable number of people. The added bonus is they can all basically write an essay. Now to just fine tune their voice for a formal essay, and get the to pay attention to conventions of writing in the English language ( that's a nice way to say GRAMMAR RULES, ha). the telling experiences so far speak of surviving tornadoes, a car wreck, extreme drug abuse ending up in hospital and practically paralyzed, drug abuse and working as stripper, having a "blonde" moment, going to the lake as a kid, snowboarding, etc..... after this assignment I go into class and share a bit of my history so we can all have a get-to-know-you moment. I feel it's only fair since I get to know all about them from the essays.
I'll be grading essays every other weekend unitl the end of July (3 more essay assingments to go). I'm also working five shifts this week at Whitewater which is going to be good hours. Especially since OCCC doesn't have an August pay period, gulp. I'm hoping for a good schedule next semester of 4 classes like I had last year. I will continue to strive for excellence in the classroom until they can't bear not having full time at that place! OR whatever God brings next, I'm open and willing. I was just thinking today why hasn't Dep of Defense called with an overseas military school job, although I have become rather comfortable back in my home and what with all the gardening and planning for what's coming up where in future springs and summers, it would be funny to up and move again. I'm not sure I could do it in fact. But God knows our hearts desires so perhaps I'm meant to stick around OKC for a while.
just finished up watering outside and now am ready to finish up the last four essays and watch my usual 930 pm star trek generations episode.... make it so!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

summer house

here are pics of the front and back side of my house, I played around with the white picket fence this summer and put little color squares along them and on the planter boxes in the front of the house. my idea is to change out the colors with the season, but we'll see... things are really beginning to bloom in the gardens.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June is here

just got these shoes in the mail today. My favorite brand of shoe MEDIUM brand footwear. which actually went out of business 2 or 3 years ago but I found these at an online site....woot woot.. They're so comfortable, I got these two pairs while I had the chance. it's the leather inside part of the shoes that makes 'em so comfy to wear, normally I wouldn't have bought this white shoe, but it was the only color left, well , it's sumemr anyway so white shoes...
I had a busy memorial weekend. working at WHitewater water theme park most of the weekend. I"m off today and Tuesday though and then work again tomorrow am. really hot hot weekend since the wind wasn't stirred up much. a bit better today. I had an interview at Mayfield Middles school in the Putnam city school disctrict this morning... for a Math opening. the interview went pretty well, I have also applied at Cooper and Capps middle school. I am looking forward to a challenge in any new school because nowadays the class sizes are 28-32 students in a room.. . ugh. I REALLY belong teaching in a college classroom though. That's my new love since teaching at the community college last year.. I will be setting my goals on that in the future most likely.. right now ANY job is better than no fulltim job. and there are not many openings to begin with since the recession etc...
verse for the week, month, summer lately is James 1:4." Perseverence must finish its course so that you may be mature and complete, lacking in nothing..." Somehow I don't think I ever would have imagined that at my age I'd still be persevering and settin gup to face the next challenge, although I suppose Christians are set to persevere to many things in the modern world today.
Meanwhile, my garden is growing and I'm watering and mowing regularly, and the rain last weekend really helped set some buds into gear, so there should be some nice blooms coming forth this week and next out in the gardens. I was driving to the interview this morning thinking..."don't I really want to be a landscaper or event planner?"... but then I thought I should stick with what I know HOW to do at this point. Doing something for your self versus doing stuff for others for pay are probably very different experiences.
but someday.......