Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday, July 04, 2010

happy 4th!

so here we are in July......the 4th of July was mostly a cloudy rainy weekend, but this isn't bad considering how many less fires probably occured from everything being wet. also for my plant, the rain was welcome this time of summer. anyway rain in July or August for me in Oklahoma City seems a nice break, since it can be so hot and dry usually.
all the family met over at my sister Dana's for a cookout. lot's of niece and nephews and spouses and dates and babies. lots of fun.
came home to hear the boom boom of the Bethany fireworks show less than a mile away from my house at the park. I stood out on the porch for just a bit watching some of the flashes of light brighten up the sky. above all the neighborhood trees of course. Went down to Paseo district on Friday night and walked around the art galleries there after eating some pizza by the slice. they have this thing called art-walk on the first friday of the month. It was a good night for it with the cloudy and sprinkly weather. off today and planning to walk around the yard some and clean up the house a bit. also rented the dvd of the documentary Rape of Europa, which is all about how Hitler attacked places in Europe to steal the art from museums etc etc...