Sunday, January 30, 2011

new job

well I got a new job at the end of last summer. They called me 2 weeks before classes started. I had applied to another school in the district in June but never heard back from that school. I had lined up a few classes to teach at Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) and was preparing myself for another year of teaching at the college part time and substitute teaching now and then, scrimping and saving and very careful budgetting...etc. So when they called and it was a school I may have never considered ever applying at, I went for it. I knew it was God opening a door, 'cause I'd prayed all summer that He provide me the right job at the right time and had just been hoping in Him while looking. I got the job and began the next week showing up for the new teacher training meetings for teaching new to OKC school district.
Last semester was very interesting. When school began, the days were around high 90 and over 100. The ESL dept at my school was out in the former vocatinoal building and the building had NO AIR. so for weeks we worked with no air, turning on fans, leaving doors open, and many many times walking to the cafeteria and having class there. It was quite an interesting welcome to the new school. I'm teaching two NEWCOMER level classes (students' first year in USA) and then 3 hours of second year ESL students. as fall break approached, we were beginning to ues the classrooms regularly as the weather cooled. However, next we were told, do to the school's reconstruction all teachers from the vocational building would be moved to the old practice gym at fall break. AFter fall break, we'd been moved into 6 temporary classrooms built in the middle of the gym floor with drywall walls and no ceiling. We had to adjust to the noises shared echoing back and forth around the gym. The classrooms are nice and large, but it's sometime hard to hear a student at the back of the room read or ask a question. OF course I'm talking pretty loud because I don't know if they can't hear me or just not paying attention..
One nice thing is having a few of the OKC public school district facilitators visit my classroom a few weeks after fall break. Next they invited me to be a coordinator of the High School Newcomer Program curriculum review, which means I began working with them at the admin building after school to put together teams for each subject, including myself as the "team leader" of the Math section. Well I told the people I am working with at admin how it made me feel apart of something in the district when at the high school, we sometimes feel forgotten by the school at times out in our temp classes in the old gym.
I've made it almost to spring break and look forward to finishing the school year and back to gardening all summer again. ha. Some good news is that during spring break we will be moved out of the gym back into the renewed building. I'll have a classroom to myself again without noise from all the other classes going on at the same time, and I can't even imagine how nice that's going to be. ha
The school I'm teaching at, btw, is about 78% or more latino, mostly probably illegal immigrants from Mexico. Although this school is on the southside of OKC and considered a rough gangster type school, most of my students are pretty calm and are just here getting by until their parents or aunt or uncle or sibling or whoever they live with may or may not have to move again...
I am still teaching two college classes, one online, and one on Monday nights at OCCC. My goal in life right now is to continue to seek out full time work at a junior college, otherwise if I remain working at a public school, I will have to seriously consider going back to school for a doctorate so I can get into a college job eventually. I am also really tempted by job opportunities overseas constantly. but those days are prolly over for now. I like having health insurance now, and plus all my plants to care for in the summer. I'll be looking for God to open the next door definitely. :)