Saturday, February 19, 2011


man I made it to FRIDAY, woot woot. Went downtown this evening for the 5:30pm showing of "Wasteland" an Oscar nominated documentary. EXCELLENT film! Vik Munoz is a famous Brazilian artist who goes back to Brazil for a project of working with some people so poor they have to live and work at one of the world's largest garbage dumps in the world just outside of Rio. His project involves hiring them to help him incorporate the material they daily pick through from the dump into the portraits he's known for making out of various materials. Really inspiring and I was laughing and crying back and forth, such beautiful humble sweet sweet various people. If you get the chance to view this one coming through a town near you. SEE IT. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

short films...

Great selection this year...last night went downtown OKC to the art museum for the annual showing of short films. Friday night a friend and I saw the animated shorts and then again tonight we'll see the live action shorts. Not sure if I can make it to the Tuesday or Thursday night showing of the Oscar nominated documentary short films, but I may consider trying.. I like a good documentary after all. Of the films shown, Day & Night, The Lost Thing, Let's Pollute, Madagascar, and The Gruffalo I think my vote is going to Pixar's Day & Night. ALthough my heart really goes to The Lost Thing because for years I've had this beautifully drawn wordless book/graphic novel by Shaun Tan called The Arrival, which through pictures tells a story of an immigrant force to leave one country for another, all in a fantastically illustrated world. You can read more about the films here at OKCMOA website if in OKC and interested in the schedule... :)