Monday, January 09, 2012

last saturday busy

Was pretty busy last weekend. Saturday morning I had a few errands to run and ended up going to Home Depot and got some potting mix soil, and some air duct sealant tape, flashlights, some countertop samples of formica, and a few brochures on silestone versus granite. I ran by Papa Angelo's pizza next for a quick lunch then back home to unload the soil. next I drove over to my sister Jennifer's for her daughter's baby's first birthday party. all the local family was there. I was hoping to use a computer at their house with Microsoft Word on it because a former student had asked me to proofread an application letter for him. Leo is hoping to get accepted to Parsons School of Design in the Lighting design program. I didn't bring my work laptop home last weekend and my personal laptop doesn't have Microsft office. Well I left my sister's place and went straight to my local bethany library. I signed up to use a computer and while waiting , grabbed last SUnday's New York Times paper. I was reading through and came across the NYT magazine. I had forgotten how much I loved reading that weekly magazine, before this bookstore closed downtown okc, they used sell the NYT magazine from the leftover SUnday papers. and it was just 75 cents! I'd pick up a few every other week or so when I made it by that store. no longer can I do so. so sad, and I can't subscribe to jsut that part of the paper, alas. of course it's all online but I'd rather read stuff in my hand and see the pics on the page. I finished my proofreading and suggesting on the paper eventually and returned home. went out to eat at Cafe 7, a new place on North May with my buddy Scott, and then watched some tv at his place "the dog whisperer" before coming home and crashing into bed before 10! sigh. SUnday went to church and then caem back home and got lots of work done. so far the new school semester is off to a great start. :)