Tuesday, June 12, 2012

summer 2012

summer has gotten off to a great start...
my job at Capitol Hill High School went right up until Fridsay June 1st which was last day for teachers. THe next Monday began my summer class at OCCC, teaching Comp I again. should be a great summer because unlike the last 3 summers, I am NOT working at Whitewater which is a water theme park here in OKC. WOW! so much more time to spend in the time and garden! so other than teaching one Monday and Wednesday mornings, I'll have time to travel on weekends or just do yard work. ha
We got out of school late because of the extended school schedule OKC schools began last year, starting back earlier and giving us 2 weeks fall break, 3 weeks Christmas break, and then 2 weeks springs break. THus I'll be returning to work July 27th, with students coming back Aug 2ndish...
The interesting thing about this summer is the possibility that it might be my last summer off from work. There is a job opportunity relying on a govt contract that may or may not come through this October. The same company that I worked for in AFghanistan is bidding on a contract to start an English language school in Norman, OK. I have been offered a job there, and although it would mean leaving my teaching position at OKC mid first semester, the raise in pay is 44% more than I'm making now, although it will be year round no summers off, alas! the good thing is that instead of the challenge of teaching Mexican immigrant adolescents English, some of which hate having to live here away from parents and lacking in any motivation in learning English, instead I'll be teaching air force pilots from all over the world, highly motivated young adults, usually the "cream of the crop" from their country. And it's a program of intensive lanuguage course I've taught before. I hope the contract goes through, it should keep me employed for at least the next 5 years if all works out. otherwise, I'll continue teaching at OCCC and public schools until something opens up full time with higer ed! ha
I'm also considering applying for something in administration if anything opens up at OKC schools. wow what possibilities. one thing is for sure, I plan to take advantage of all my weekends off in June and July and maybe even travel some while I have the time off... only the next few weeks will tell if I can actually get away or not. :)