Friday, November 01, 2013

fall 2013

 Well, it sure feels a little bit more official, my new full time job working at Oklahoma City Community College.  The name plate for my office door was installed just yesterday. woo hoo.  Many thanks unto God for the employment here. I'd prayed for many years for some sort of change in my career while serving as an ESL teacher at Okalhoma City Public schools.  My new job remains a challenge in finding just the best way to help students understand the course content, which basically  means succeed at wrting a formal essay and research paper.  I absolutely have enjoyed all five of my classes up to this point, and have no complaints even the times during this semester when i have stacks of essays to take home and grade all weekend, nope, it's all totally worth it. 
It didn't take too much time to adjust since I've been teaching as an adjunct for the past 4 years. I had experience teaching both COMP I and COMP II classes and even online classes and summer classes.  The campus has a swimming pool which I can use to swim laps on M,W, and F before lunch.  Also about 4 times or so each week I am able to go over to the performance arts center and use their piano labs to practice and play piano for some stress relief after morning classes. quite a blessing. the staff is great to work with here too, btw.
I remain on a tight budget since I'm working only one job instead of the full time position last year plus part time here.  Also I have a new truck payment from getting a newer Ford Ranger last spring.  But it is all totally worth it. couldn't be happier and remain challanged to do the best job i can in keeping the students encouraged to put their best work forth.
this time of year is always very nice. getting all my yardwork wrapped outside landscaping around the house and gearing up for the holidays, Thanksgiving and then Christmas and all the fun family and friend time is brings with it. ready! :)


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Congratulations on your new place in life, your an amazing professor #cool#blog

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