Sunday, June 09, 2013

summer's arrived

summer got off to a great start this year with the promise of a new job. I packed up all my things from my job at the public high school in OKC just in case. ha I had two interviews this spring with a community college in OKC and things are looking hopefuly although I haven't heard official word just yet.... we got lots of rain this spring, and a lot of disastrous tornadoes which was not great. but for the landscaping around my place, it definitely needed the rain after the last 2 years of drought! ugh!!
I begin teaching a summer course twice a week starting next week. so this last week I enjoyed some time off doing lots of yard work, and taking pictures of things in the garden, and had two move jobs. This is where I go to a friend's trailor lot and help move furniture in and out of the show trailors depending on which ones they've sold or had arrived on the lot to show etc..
tried to start up with my morning swims but only made it twice since there were two early morning move jobs and it rained and lightninged one morning so pool was close.
This week I hope to get back on a schedule and routime for the next 2 months anyway. of SUMMER! bring it on. :)