Wednesday, July 31, 2013

summer travel...

Was in Minneapolis last week for an AHS national convention and this week I'm on a road trip to Detroit. Just left Siloam Springs yesterday and drove up to St Loius. stopped here last night at my friend Trish's uncle and aunt's place to stay the night.  This morning we are driving up through Chicago and on our way to her parents' place west of Detroit. fun road trip so far! :)

Monday, July 08, 2013

July 4th weekend, fun!

I had a great July 4th weekend this summer! what could be more fun than visiting a bunch of old college buddies in my former colleg etown, Silaom Springs Arkansas? ha
Last Thursday morning, the 4th, I had a moving furniture job with Abbie here in OKC early morning at 6:15am... then I spent my time getting packed and things watered and my sprinklers and timers set up outside to keep things watered while I was out of town.
I stopped in Tulsa for lunch and then arrived in Siloam later that afternoon. first stop was at the house of Kirk Demarais! former roomie and friend from college who I always miss seeing when in town for homecoming or something... gave him a big hug and talked to him for a good hour catching up all we're doing and what's going that guy! next arrived at the Clayberg's who I was staying with.
Thursday night Trish and Kara, who was visiting town from Portland Oregon, came over for a sort of cookout grill with Jamey and Shannon and I. good times and the kids were there and we visited for quite a long time over dinner and after about anyone and everyone we all knew in college. fun!
Friday I slept in of course and then hung out with the claybe's kids and then went to get a sandwich for lunch at Fatigas, of course. took my sandwich and another ordered for my buddy Jeff, and went over to his house to hang out with him for the afternoon while we watched his kid. i also put some plants in his front flower beds while there. Friday night was a dinner at 28 downtown Siloam with the three ladies pictured above, Kara, Trish, and Shannon. great time and great food at Trish employer 28.  Jeff walked downtown and met us for drinks and desert afterwards. man I was full!
Saturday morning I was up early and chatting with the kids as they watched tv and played video games and I had breakfast. Saw that Travis and Monica Jackson were having a yard sale so I drove over there to say HI! ( we used to be neighbors in siloam after college when I shared a house with a bunch of guys and they lived next door). next I went to Trish's house to put some daylily bulbs in her yard, then back home to see what the claybergs were up to.  Jamey and I went up to Lowes for some supplies and then we had lunch at Pour John's in Siloam for sandwichs. were very YUM!  next back to the claybergs for projects out front, getting it ready for an open house coming up.
Saturday night i had dinner with Jeff and his family, and then took some treats over to the Lewis's house in Summers Arkansas to visit with Aaron and Sara Toombs who are on furlough for a few months from their missionary work in Senegal, Africa.  we had the best visit!! love that family!
Sunday was up and getting ready to leave and chatting with the claybergs and then hit the road. I had a really nice quick lunch at WHole Foods in Tulsa on the way home. ha... what a great weekend!