Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saturday, February 01, 2014

first of Feb Saturday...........

This semester's off to a great start. I've adjusted to my new class schedule. One nice thing about this semester is that my office hours end just a bit earlier in the after noon which gets me home by 4 and then i can change and make it up to the gym in time to swim laps before working out. I still have some time in the morning to swim laps before lunch, after classes. and most days I have at least an hour between classes in the morning to go and practice piano in the practice rooms on campus. I'm getting more comfortable being around on campus, and it's always great to run into former students and say hi and ask how their classes are going? I should try more to ask if they are writing papers and how useful the COMP classes had been. ha This had been a great lazy weekend. I stayed out late last night seeing the 8pm showing of Oscar nominated live action short films at the art museum downtown. and tonight I'm going back to see the 530 screening of the Oscar nominated animated short films. always fun to gear up before the Oscars. I subbed twice last week at the college. Tuesday, classes were cancelled in the morning until 11am actually due to snow. however i'd agreed to sub a class at 11am. So I went up to campus in time for the class, basically going over their first essay assignment, a rhetorical analysis. What made it really fun was two of my former students from COMP I were in there... I have two classes on Tuesday and Thursday mroning so Thursday morning classes were busy making up the day missed and keeping on schedule. the classes did great though with everything I'd planned. On Friday I have 3 classes, 8, 9, and 11, and then I subbed a literature class at 12. That went all right, I was sort of winging it getting a discussion going on the asigned reading which I'd only read once before class, and then I was trying to go over the notes the instructor had given me, and the story itself was so creepy to begin with. ha This morning I got up early and made some Orange and CHocolate chip scones and some Maple/Walnut scones. then I put half of each on two plates and took them to my two sisters living in Mustang to share with them and their families. a fun surprise. and I got to visit with some niece and nephews while over there hanging out. The rest of the day has been my usual weekend, swimming laps before a pizza lunch, and then a bit of yardwork. I'm looking forward to getting the semester going and working on seeing how the students bring everything together on the first major essay. they are also always fun to read because it involves writing about a personal experience..