Tuesday, March 18, 2014

march already...

march already here. how exciting, only a month more until our last usual freeze date here which is April 15th. I have just begun spring break with a trip to Dallas Saturday. I drove down to shop a few nurseries looking for a Japanese Willow, Salix integra 'flamingo' and a contorted filbert Corylus avellanus 'Red Dragon'. and was unlucky finding them at any of the 4 nurseries vistied.  Although one of them did have a large red dragon tree for $150 but not for me...
I missed my turn off on the way down to Copell,and ended up in Grapevine, which didn't turn out too bad since I found myself on a service road right next to a sort of outlet mall. walked in a checked out a few stores and got a great hoodie at H&m.  I think it looks very normcore, which is my inspiration for summer, try to look more normcore. ha
stayed with a friend Randy while there. also a gardener. he had just put in a few bed out front and planted all kinds of stuff in his back yard.  great guy, so we talked plants and everything else while driving around Dallas Saturday afternoon. First stopped by Northhaven nurseries and I bought 3 different Helleborus and some annuals which I'll keep inside for 3 weeks here in okc before i can plant them.  We went downtown next to a nursery that was a flop, had all the same boring stuff. and then to the farmer's market for lunch. he has chef friend there who supervises a famous barbecue place which has lines all around the block on Saturdays for lunch. we got to try some of there barbecue in the back and it was GOOD stuff!
Sunday I left Copell by 1030 and headed over to Garland to another nursery, then to north park mall, shopped a little. and hit the road to come home , stopping by Lewisville to a nursery off the highway there. but it was too cold and windy to really look around.
I'm having a great semester with classes full of students trying to keep up with the writing assignments  and all their other classes, their lives full of work and family stuff. hoepfully they improve their writing and will get the gyst of how to research for and write a formal essay.  All 5 of my classes turned in papers last week. so I got about half of them graded before the weekend, and will do the rest during my "break".  did NOTHING yesterday, just piddled in the yard and house mostly, got a haircut, swam at the gym, and then was outside most of the evening til dark. I plan to do same today but maybe grade a few more papers, and have some pizza lunch at Papa Angelo's.  so far a great spring break!